Why is packaging important ?
Why is packaging important ?


Why is packaging IMPORTANT ?

In early days packing was just used to protect the product inside, but these days it has become more than that. When the era of supermarkets and hypermarkets started an attractive box was advantage when products were fighting for shelf space and to capture the attention of the customer.

The box is now a representation of the quality of the product inside. You can have an excellent product but a cheap box will affect the affects the perceived value of the brand. Many small business owners opt for the cheapest thinking that they should save on packaging. Its a golden opportunity missed to create a WOW effect to their customer and add additional value to their product and brand overall.

Bakeries used to have the thinnest and the cheapest papers for packaging their cakes, chocolates and cookies. Their space is being invaded by homemakers who charge super premium prices. Its not just the ingredients they use, they insist of high quality packaging, with attractive colours and thick food grade papers to make cake boxes and cup cakes to differentiate and to charge a premium from their customers. They standout from the readymade cakes made in factories and given out in cheap boxes.

( Some of the upcoming colours and boxes of homemakers – ( https://printitonline.in/product-category/boxes-packaging/cake-boxes/ )

Now the pandemic has put even more emphasis on packaging. Innovative packaging is the new norm, every product wants their packaging to be unique. With online orders and a lot of unboxing videos and experience sharing on social media platforms it has become a means to show off innovation from the brand. One such innovative packaging was the Galaxy fold rigid box, probably the first time a smartphone company introduced a packing like this.

There is a lot of criteria to be fulfilled by the packing printers… Its not just being an attractive design, its also about the quality of the package, the thickness of the paper used. The upcoming trend with RiGID boxes are a great example of quality packaging.
Top bottom boxes or shoe boxes which is one of the cheapest type of rigid box is fast getting replaced by the more posh and better looking magnetic flip boxes. ( https://printitonline.in/product-category/boxes-packaging/rigid-boxes/)

Every festive occasion will give birth to a lot of innovation in packaging. Eagerly awaiting this Christmas to make, create and see the new trends in the world of printing and packaging.

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