Badges is an accessory which is presented to display or indicate some accomplishment

It can also be used to display a symbol or authority

Or a means of identification. 

It can also be used to represent ones alliance and loyalty 

Badges are used in advertising and branding purposes. At printitonline the badges are made out of high quality plastic.

The outside of the badge can the printed in any design. We currently have two shapes – Square and circle.

The badges come with safety pin on the backside which can be pinned on any soft surfaces. 

We have different types of badges ranging from 44mm , 58mm and even 75mm

By default the badges come with glossy lamination. You can change it to Matt finish or velvet finish for a classy appearance.

Special effects like GOLD foiling or EMBOSSING can also be added to the badges. 

The latest model of badges is square badges. Former details click on the link below

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